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Barinder & Amanpreet Bothell Wedding

Today we proudly announce the wedding blog of Barinder & Amanpreet and eagerly show some of their magic. It's times like this where we all want to be close to each other in celebration of the power in love these two have shown us. We see a very strong connection/bond between them.

Families come from many lines of culture and wisdom in this wedding they become one and we begin to see the origins of the marriage. The wedding was wonderful and sort of a new experience for me. The wedding was held at Bothell Sikh Gurudwara. The atmosphere was quite and very peaceful but very colorful.

Its always lovely to see all the people who come to support them at the time of marrying.

The Journey has just begun. May your Grand Adventure brings you joy and grow your love! Congrats, Barinder and Amanpreet!