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Cody & Amie at Gold Creek Pond

Our Life Journeys are often what bring us together. Cody and Amie are marathon runners who travel the world together to participate globally. This commonality among many other reasons have propelled them to seal their love in what is one of the greatest moments of the heart marriage. We are proud to present their engagement photos and open the book on their beautiful life with each other.

We are so happy to share in Cody and Amie's beautiful lives. You can clearly see the peace they have found in each other something that all of us long to have in our own lives. We are lucky because in glimpsing these two love for each other we all can take a bit of their calm and love with us. We have all been influenced by moments like these.

What a sight! What we are witnessing is a healthy bond between two very happy people and they are profoundly content with each other. In a way they seem to have become a single unit or person merged in the infinite love they carry for each other. Hand in hand arm in arm. Cody and Amie were meant for each other, it is such a privilege to share their engagement with with. We are honored!

When we look at these photos there are so many indicators of happiness and contentment, the eyes the micro expressions. If a photo tells a thousand words than we know exactly what this one is telling --- True Love.

If we could run with these two we would learn that their journey of love is the greatest marathon of all as they embrace their destiny we become infected with the desire to run our own marathons and with love in mind.

As they walk together towards their future it is with pride that we announce the engagement of Cody and Amie the love between them carries all of us to a paradise of the mind. We are blessed to be apart of it and hopefully they will seal the bond between them soon with marriage. Hallelujah!

The road ahead will never be alone.