• versagus

Glen + Sabrina at Bellevue Downtown Park

Love is abound especially between these two. You can clearly see in the eyes the passion that they walk with in this relationship and the happy marriage that awaits them. We are proud to celebrate Glen & Sabrina's engagement. Many good times ahead.

These two make a lovely match which is evident in their blossoming smiles. In this photo shoot we explore the unique style these two approach their relationship and with that how they approach their love. We can't wait to catch up with these two in their wedding soon to come.

The wonderful thing about happiness is that is it completely infectious which is one of the privileges of sharing this blog with you. Its a true blessing to see and to share such a happy coming together of kindred spirits.

Capturing the pleasant moments tells you a lot about the relationship these two have. We are impressed and confident in their demeanor and the road ahead is gentle and kind.