Valeria + Magdiel's Tacoma Wedding

Nothing warms our hearts more than the affection expressed by both Valeria and Magdiel's Union. Perfect love is announced and it is a welcome sight. These two are clear examples of good lovers and we would love to share some of their light with the rest of you. This beautiful day among nature and family the bride and groom are wed.

Weddings represent many things and a coming together of families made better is one of them. Two families expecting the best full of the young and the older give their blessing on this now expanding family. With their smiles both families give a sure sign of what is to come. We are all blessed to see.

The Vows are Spoken. A knot is tied... we exhale relief that the long wait to marriage and ever after is finally come for these two.

While this may only be a symbol of the love there is it is a prideful token that their family may keep and forever hold meaning and happiness to remember. With pride they share this token as a symbol of their marriage.

This is a definite sight of True Love when both deep lovers peer infinitely into the soul of each other. The passion in each others eyes is what the wedding has come together for and it is evident to us the love is very strong in nature. We love seeing passion this deep it makes everyone else lives better.

Love Doves.

These two exemplify passion that people these days need for warming their hearts. I am proud to have been apart of their experience and to share it with you today. Let's all take something from a happy couple and a beautiful marriage.

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