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Frequently Asked Questions

No question is a small question. Checkout some of the general question all customers have.

What is your philosophy regarding photography?

Photography is about visual storytelling for me. I always try to capture the real you and the emotions of the day. I believe the little moments between the posed smiles, the ones that capture who you are and what you are feeling, are by far the most important.

What is your photography style?

This is an important question to ask, but no easy answer. My style has mix of

  • Photojournalism (Observers view - documenting the naturally occurring moments without manipulation of photographer)

  • Traditional Photography (posed pictures with my prompts)

It is my belief that a beautiful mix of documentary and traditional photography creates a beautifully well rounded gallery for my clients

What equipment do you use?

I own multiple camera bodies and several lenses. I shoot with Nikon Z6ii Mirrorless (multiple bodies) and switch between several lenses depending on the circumstances. My favorites lenses are my Nikon 85mm, 50mm, 24-70mm & 70-200mm. Flash & Lights include Flashpoint Zoom flash (Multiple), XPLOR 600 & eVolv 200 Pro

Do you have Insurance?

Yes. I can also provide certificate of insurance on reauest. 

How will I receive my images?

You will receive a online gallery. The online gallery is a private, password protected section on my website where all of your photographs will be placed for you friends and family to view, share or download images. You and you loved once can also order prints from the site at a low price. 

How many images do you typically deliver from a portrait session? 

I deliver 25 from a Traditional 1 hour portrait session. For events more than an hour you can expect approximately 50 per hour of coverage.

What rights do I have to the digital prints?

You can share, post or print your photos as you wish but please don't alter, crop or add a filter to the images. This jeopardizes the integrity of the photo and makes Robin sad.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No, I select the images that are most flattering and tell the story of your session. I shoot several photos in each pose specifically so I can pick through and find just the right one!

What if I lose my images?

Return to your personal client gallery page and download or share them again! You gallery will be available for 1 years on this link!

Do you edit all of our photographs?

Yes, I do hand-edit each image that you receive. I do select few images for special attention above and beyond the individual image editing

Do you charge a travel fee?

A small travel fee is charged for event locations outside of a 25 mile radius of Seattle, WA.

Do you also provide video services?

No, I don't. I specialize in photography to provide you with the very best of this specific art form. It would be my pleasure to help match you with the best videographers at every budget level so that you can have a team that focuses on videography as we do photography.

Do you shoot in JPEG, Small Raw, or Large Raw? Can I get them?

RAW! It allows for the most creative editing.  


I dont give Raw Images, as that would be giving you only half of an unfinished work of art. Editing process is a big part of creating the final product & includes my personal style. Many of the images are filtered and processed based on technical (over/under exposed) and artistic point of view. So giving/showing will be of no use and not good for my Brand 

Can we get our images in B+W and color?

I edit each photo to fit the moment. Color is fun and lively and nothing lets the emotion of the moment shine through like B+W! If you have specific requests please let me know before your session.

If we cancel the session will we receive our deposit back?

Unfortunately, no. When you book your date and pay your retainer, that money holds that date specifically for you and no other events can be booked. If you need to book a different date a new retainer will be required to hold that date.

What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

For Portraits or Events, if a session has gone over the contracted time, an overtime Hourly rate is calculated & applied based on the package you have already selected. Any due amount will be invoiced & due after the event. Adding extra time to your day means more photos to edit and more time away from my family. I am more than happy to stay longer to capture your special moments but my family misses me too!

I have downtime between events on my session period. Will I be charged for that downtime?

You will be charged for overall time, not by individual events or how busy we are. During the time frame we have established I will be on site to help you as needed, no strings attached.

Are our digital images watermarked?

No, the images I provide you will not be watermarked. If you prefer to have watermarked images for social media sharing please let me know (you'll get a high five from me too!)

If we change our event to a different date will we be able to use our deposit towards a future date?

Typically no, but I evaluate on a case by case basis. The reason for canceling and our availability is also a part of the decision. Please note that if rates change from your original date to your new date, the new rates will apply.

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