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Ashok + Michaela's Multicultural Indian-Slovak Fusion Wedding at Bellevue Hilton

In the heart of Bellevue Hilton, love transcended boundaries as an enchanting blend of Indian and Slovak traditions unfolded. This was a Multicultural Indian-Slovak Fusion Wedding at Bellevue Hilton. From the vibrant hues of the morning Indian ceremony to the elegance of the evening Western union, every moment was a symphony of cultural richness.

Despite the rain, love shone bright as we captured intimate couple portraits, a testament to their enduring bond. The inclusion of the Slovak čepčenie ceremony added a unique touch, leaving us in awe. Witness the magic of love's diversity at this unforgettable wedding.

Here are some beautiful shots

Bride and groom sharing a kiss under an umbrella during their wedding photoshoot in the rain.
Rainy day romance

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