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Ayesha & Jesse Maternity Bellevue

On this beautiful shoot in Bellevue Ayesha, Jesse & their daughter Bella are celebrating the expansion of their family and the good times that await. Their family is already exuberant with a wonderful daughter and soon to be even more complete with a new loved one. What awaits are happy times beyond our imagining... this family is already very happy and will even be more blessed with the coming of their second child. Celebration!

Their young daughter is bubbling with joy over the news that she will have a young sibling to play and share her toys with. Excitement is in the veins of this family as they await the child. We always love to hear stories that revolve around perfecting a family and the experiences that come as a result... a new child is always a warm welcome and we are happy to announce the wait is worth it.

As this family walks together they contemplate their future with the new born child, the past they had already and what it means to them in the moment. We can only imagine what they will be thinking walking as a family in the years to come. Moments like these we capture as keepsakes to remind us of the values of a family.

As a family they have passed so many milestones and this next step will teach us all a little about having a family.

What a handsome young man!!! We all can see how happy he is to have this child.

Family comes close.

A walk with the father as he imparts some of his kindness and knowledge onto the next generation. One day she will do the same.

We pray for this family as the child nears arrival our hopes and dreams rest with them. The long awaited child is nearly here and a family prepares for the best times ahead.

We announce today the maternity blog of Ayesha, Jesse, their daughter, and soon to be born baby boy. The days ahead are even more happy together than the days past and our happiest wishes we shower upon then.

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