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Khyati Maternity Portraits, Fall City

We are so blessed today to share the Khayti's maternity blog with you. Nothing shines brighter than mother and child in unity. Perhaps there is no greater moments in our lives than the creation of a child and what that means for the family. In this celebration of life we give our thanks and warm welcomes to their soon to be born child.

The Khyati's unity is so dazzling, we are blown away by the happiness they have. This baby daughter is a gift we all appreciate and we await further news about this growing family. Such special moments to share with family and friends.

We feel great warmth as the child nears birth and we rejoice knowing how happy this family will be. Every breath every moment we draw closer to watching this mother holds her child in her arms for the first time. This is the product of love --- Love Child.

When love truly reaches its maturity its natural extent is to share that kind love with a newborn. As the passion continues to prosper it becomes time to give some of it to a child in hope she will pass on the gift of the parent's love to the next generation. With what we see here we know that is a truth.

We are so happy that grandmother could join us for the photo shoot, celebrating three generations in one picture. Behold the joy of a family growing.

It was our luck that we were allowed to photograph this beautiful couple. Her motherly glow is captured for us to share and enjoy.

This river descends into a sea of passion where we all find belonging. We travel with this family their first few steps and share such a warm day in our hearts.

The first few acts of this play have just begun and a wonder filled life awaits the three of them. Dating starts it all, marriage builds the passion but having a child is a greeting with new spirit which completes a family. Nothing is greater to the human spirit than making a family full.

We await the young Khyati eagerly and can't wait to hold you in our arms.

We are so blessed to announce this family Maternity shoot and wait expecting good news ahead. Khyati's family has shared with us a priceless moment in their life and we announce this blog publicly with pride.


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