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Malvika + Sahil, The Golf Club at Newcastle| Seattle Wedding Photographer

Malvika + Sahil tied the knot on June 19th of 2022 and what a way to start the summer! This wedding was by far our favorite of the year (haha I made myself giggle, but seriously I think it's going to stay that way!) Malvika & Sahil are such genuine, sweet and talented humans and they were such a pleasure to work with. Just by spending one day with their friends and family I can totally see how loved and supported these two are. I almost forgot I was working because they made me feel so welcome which is a wonderful feeling.

One very special element to their big day is the time and love that went into making their wedding so beautiful! Malvika & Sahil's friends and family members came together to create all the stunning musical events & dances. How special to have such support and involvement from the ones you love.

Here are some best moments

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