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Minami + Cody UW Washington Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Minami + Cody tied knot and wanted to have wedding portraits. University Of Washington is definitely one of my most favorite Seattle portraits venues. Big Hallways Suzallo Library Hall and many more. They are all so unique and well laid out, they make for beautiful detail photos as well as backgrounds for portraits. The combination of colors and textures were very well put together. I feel this location is cute & somewhat private location to do a first look and some bride and groom portraits. It adds great variety to the wedding gallery and is only a short walk away. The ambiance of the whole day was warmer than normal due to the sun shining down through all the smoke and it was just perfect with the warm tones of the florals.

Overall the wedding was so beautiful and fun! So many smiling faces and happy memories made. Congrats Minami + Cody!

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